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Nov 1, 2015

24 HHH…The Final Chapter

It's 10pm Saturday night, the TV is on at a low volume in our cabin in Arkansas, and Chris lays unconscious on the couch. Our packs are scattered around the cabin, half of my trad rack sits on the floor in the corner, empty water jugs are lying around, and a dirty fat fuzzy worn out rope lies in the middle of the floor. I give Chris's shoulder a shake to remind him we need to get up early tomorrow to pack our gear and allow time to get to the airport. No response from him, I shake him again, still no response.

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Oct 26, 2015

USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Competition

Thank you and congratulations to all of the competitors who came out on Saturday for our USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Competition! Scores have been posted. 

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Oct 1, 2015

Staff Spotlight - Billy Sims

Sportrock Instructor and Manager, Billy Sims, has been a member of our community for many years. First as part of our Junior Climbing Team program, then moving on to become a Staff member, then Manager at our Alexandria location. As you can guess, he's psyched about climbing, but we wanted to talk to him about some of the other passions in his life. Read on to learn a little more about Billy and keep in mind, he has a pretty interesting sense of humor! 

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