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Mar 16, 2012

So you’re injured?

-Lillian Chao-Quinlan

In my years of climbing, I’ve experienced a few injuries…fractured ankles, pulled hamstrings, shoulder strains, pulley tears and over the last few years, tendinitis (I think it’s more accurately called tendinosis) in the wrist. One thing that has been effective for me post-climbing sessions is a “contrast bath” for my wrist.
1) 10 minute soak in bucket of cold water with only a few ice cubes. It shouldn’t be so cold that you think you’re going to vomit within the first few minutes of the soak.
2) 10 minute soak in bucket of very warm water.
The key is to address the inflammation and then get blood pumping through the area to move out the “guck.”

A climbing friend sent me a few links addressing finger injuries and though the “contrast bath” regime is different from mine (see video but be patient with the quality and pauses), I think the idea of getting blood flow into the injured area is the same.

So I say all this with the caveat of…this works for me, there are many ways to treat injuries but take the time after your climbing session to take care of your injuries or chronic nags so you’re all ready for the next climbing session!

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