Sport Leading

Ready to move on from top-roping?  This is where the real fun begins...

Sport Leading 1 will teach you the fundamentals of sport lead climbing and will arm you with all the skills necessary to lead climb and lead belay here at Sportrock.

This is a 3 week long class during which it will be important for you to come into Sportrock between sessions to practice.  After completing Sport Leading 1 you will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to take our Lead Climbing Test which is required before you can start leading with a partner on your own at Sportrock.

Prerequisites: Top Rope Certification and the ability to climb 5.9. This class is 3 weeks long and will be held at the same time and day as the first class each week.

  • Non-Member Price: $75
  • Member Price: $60
  • Minimum Age: 14

Available Classes