Junior Team

The Sportrock Junior Team has a national reputation for outstanding competitive climbers, placing several in the national top five of their divisions each year, but they are not the primary reason for the team’s existence and success.

We created the Junior Team for cooperation, instruction, challenge and fun. Team members have the opportunity to improve their climbing skills and movement technique in a supervised and guided environment.  Each team member is given the personal guidance and instruction needed to achieve their potential.  Equal emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and building character.

Each Sportrock facility has three teams at varying levels (recreational, advanced, and competitive) that meet at least once a week.  The advanced and competitive level teams attend competitions and outdoor climbing events year round.  The recreational team maintains a more relaxed and social atmosphere.

Sportrock Junior Climbing Team – FAQ

What is the cost for all of your Junior Climbing Teams?

Our Recreational Team membership is $85 per month with no contract so if your child loves climbing this month and ice skating next month – no problem! If you have more than one child on the team or you have a family of climbers, we have several family options available for you!  The most cost effective option is our Family Annual membership at $95 per month for two people (please inquire about families over 2 people), and then adding the Recreational Team fee of $25 per month, per child. 

Advance Team members pay a $75 monthly team fee plus a monthly membership fee* and receive 4 hours of training per week.  Competitive Team members pay a $115 monthly team fee plus a monthly membership fee* and includes 6 hours of training per week.

*Monthly membership fees start at $55 per month for Advance and Competitive team members.

What are the practice days and times for each team?


Recreational - Saturday, year round, 9-11am
Advanced - Tuesday & Thursday, September to June, 6:30-8:30pm
Competitive - Tuesday & Thursday, September to June, 5:30-8:30pm


Recreational - Saturday, year round, 10am-12pm
Advanced - Monday & Wednesday, September to June, 6:30-8:30pm
Competitive - Monday & Wednesday, September to June, 5:30-8:30pm

Which team is right for your child?

We recommend that every child begin at the Recreational Level and remain on the team for a least one month. This gives them an opportunity to understand the format of the team and structure of practices. It also takes at least one month to get your child belay certified, a prerequisite for moving up.

How can my child tryout for the Recreational Climbing Team?

Recreational Team tryouts are held the first Saturday of each month from 9-11am in Alexandria and 10am-12pm in Sterling. All children ages 6-17 make the Recreational Team so the tryout is just an opportunity for your child to practice with the team and see if it is a good fit for the family. There is no advanced registration required, but if you have not climbed at Sportrock, we recommend taking a moment to complete our online Participant Agreement before you arrive.

What is the process for moving up to the Advanced or Competitive Teams?

So your child is ready to leave the Recreational team and take their climbing to the next level – that’s great! The first step in the process is to check-in with your Recreational Coach and get some feedback regarding your child’s readiness to advance. In order to move up, each child is required to be belay certified through Sportrock, which can happen as early as 8 years old on the Recreational Team. In addition, your child must also have a basic understanding of climbing technique (climbing 5.9/bouldering V2), be able to work independently and demonstrate safe behavior at all times. If your child meets these requirements then you will want to contact the Head Coach for the Advanced & Competitive Teams, Ed Paris at ed@sportrock.com and he will give you details about the next tryout date and how to prepare.

When are tryouts held for the Advanced or Competitive Teams?

Tryouts are held from 6:30-8:30pm the first Monday of the month at Sterling and the first Tuesday of the month at Alexandria. Please do not come to tryouts without first contacting the Head Coach, Ed Paris at ed@sportrock.com.

How does my child register for competitions?

Youth climbing competitions are organized by USA Climbing. In order to qualify for Regionals, Divisionals and Nationals your child must be a registered member with USA Climbing at a cost of $80 for the full year. There are two seasons of competitions – American Bouldering Series, which runs from September to March and Sport Climbing Series, which runs from April to June. A list of upcoming competitions in our region can be found at USA Climbing.

For more information on our Junior Team program, please email jessica@sportrock.com.

  • Minimum Age: 6

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