Junior Climbing Team

The Sportrock Junior Team is a place for cooperation, instruction, challenge and fun. Team members have the opportunity to improve their climbing skills and movement technique in a supervised and guided environment. For ages 8 – 17.

Each Sportrock facility has three teams at varying levels (recreational, advanced, and competitive) that meet at least once a week.  The competitive level teams attend competitions and outdoor climbing events year round. 

Are you looking for a weekly activity for your child that starts at age 6? Do you want ongong instruction in a more casual climbing environment? Did you miss out on our most recent Junior Team tryouts? The Breakfast Club is the program for you! 

Sportrock Junior Climbing Team – FAQ

What is the cost for the Junior Climbing Team?

Our teams meet in 4 month seasons from September to December and January to May. The Recreational Team has one additional summer session from May to August. All team fees are prepaid by the first practice date and cover the full 4 month season. Team participation comes with standard Sportrock membership benefits, in addition to the great perks listed below. 

Recreational Team $360*
Benefits: Free equipment rentals all the time, free Basic Skills class for parents, and discounts on summer camp.

Advanced Team $300**
Benefits: Free equipment rentals all the time, free Basic Skills class for parents, discounts for summer camp, one reduced cost team outing per season and a free team t-shirt.

Competitive Team $460**
Benefits: Free equipment rentals all the time, free Basic Skills class for parents, discounts for summer camp, one reduced cost team outing per season, free team t-shirt, increased personal coaching attention, one free outdoor climbing day, reduced entry fee to ABS Comp in Sterling, 1 pair of shoes can be purchased using SR's wholesale pricing each season, Divisionals and Nationals entry fees paid for all who qualify and post season coaching for Divisionals and Nationals. 

If you have more than one child on the team ask us about our family options! 

*Includes membership fees
This amount represents the Team Fee ONLY. A Sportrock membership is required to participate on the Advanced or Competitive Teams. Monthly membership fees start as low as $55 per month.

What are the practice days and times for each team?


Recreational - Saturday, year round, 9-11am
Advanced - Tuesday & Thursday, September to May, 6:30-8:30pm
Competitive - Tuesday & Thursday, September to May, 5:30-8:30pm


Recreational - Saturday, year round, 10am-12pm
Advanced - Monday & Wednesday, September to May, 6:30-8:30pm
Competitive - Monday & Wednesday, September to May, 5:30-8:30pm

Which team is right for your child?

The Recreational Team is the perfect place to start for any new climber! Your child will learn fundamental climbing skills, as well as belay technique in a safe and supportive environment. Registration for the Recreational Team is held in September, January and May.

The Advanced Team provides instruction and training that seeks to teach your child new climbing skills while helping them master the basics. Practices are offered twice a week and belay certification is required prior to try out. 

The Competitive Team is for our most skilled and dedicated climbers looking to compete throughout the Capital Region. Practices are offered twice a week and focus on mastering climbing technique, while incorporating strength building and endurance training.

When can my child register for the Recreational Team?

Fall registration will be held on Saturday, September 19th at 9 am in Alexandria and 10 am in Sterling. In addition to registration, we will have our full 2 hour practice. All Recreational Team members, new and returning, will need to complete membership paperwork. Parents, if you plan to stay and watch we will need to have a Participant Agreement on file for you too! 

When are tryouts held for the Advanced and Competitive Teams?

Tryouts are held in September and January for the Advanced and Competitive Teams. Tryouts will be held at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, September 9th for our Sterling location and Thursday, September 10th for our Alexandria location. Please note, new team members will not be accepted after the tryout dates. 

What are the requirements to make the Competitive Team?

We recommend anyone trying out for the Junior Climbing Team for the first time spend a season at either the Recreational or Advanced level to get comfortable with the format and refine their basic climbing techniques. When deciding whether to tryout for the Competitive Team, here are some general guidelines:

Female D (ages 8-10)                        Male D(ages 8-10)
Routes 5.9/ boulder V2                      Routes 5.10/ boulder V3

Female C (ages 11-12)                      Male C (ages 11-12)
Routes 5.10/ boulder V3/4                 Routes 5.11/ boulder V4/5

Female B (ages 13-14)                      Male B (ages 13-14)
Routes 5.11/ boulder V5/6                 Routes 5.11/ boulder V5/6

Female A (ages 15-16)                      Male A (ages 15-16)
Routes 5.12/ boulder V6/7                 Routes 5.12/ boulder V6/7

Female Junior (ages 17-18)               Male Junior (ages 17-18)
Routes 5.12/ boulder V7                    Routes 5.12/ boulder V7/8

For those who will be competing during route season at age category "B" and older will have to learn how to lead. Regionals, divisionals, and nationals are all lead climbing.

How does my child register for competitions?

Youth climbing competitions are organized by USA Climbing. In order to qualify for Regionals, Divisionals and Nationals your child must be a registered member with USA Climbing at a cost of $80 for the full year. There are two seasons of competitions – American Bouldering Series, which runs from September to March and Sport Climbing Series, which runs from April to June. A list of upcoming competitions in our region can be found at USA Climbing. All Junior Team members are encouraged, but not required, to regularly attend competitions, however only those at the Competitive level will receive coaching. 

New to Sportrock? Take a few moments to complete our Participant Agreement. All minors must have an agreement signed by a parent or guardian on file with Sportrock in order to participate. Parents, if you plan to stick around for practices, spectators are required to sign an agreement too. 

For more information on our Junior Team program, please email bobby@sportrock.com.

  • Minimum Age: 8

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