Beat the Heat 14 – Extended Version

Beat the Heat, the Mid-Atlantic’s biggest climbing event of the year, is back at Sportrock Alexandria with a new twist to accommodate our new normal. We simply couldn’t bear the thought of canceling the event this summer, so we got creative and are instead introducing BTH 14…the extended version! Beat the Heat 14 will run for 3 weeks (August 6th – 29th) at Sportrock Alexandria, and each Thursday the routesetters will set new problems with point values. Climbers will have that time to rack up as many points as they can until Thursday, August 27th. Just sign up to climb as normal, wash your hands, grab a scorecard, and start sending! We will then take one day to tally scores and announce the finalists, before the event culminates in a closed door exhibition final round in the brand new Sportrock Performance Institute (SRPI) for the top scoring men and women that we will livestream via Zoom on Saturday, August 29th at 5pm.

This event was created in 2005 to show how much we appreciate our members, and this year has truly driven home just how amazing the community at Sportrock is, and it felt especially important to show our appreciation for your ongoing support during these uncertain and trying times. We hope you enjoy this unique take on our yearly competition! Please continue to stay connected with us on our social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. Raffle winner announcements and ongoing competition updates will be posted there. Please see additional details below. See you at the gym!

Please see the competition schedule below for all the details:

  • Membership Special: From August 6th – 29th there will be a $0 Activation Fee on all recurring memberships.
  • Competition Fee: Free for members. Non-members pay the walk-up fee. Guest passes cannot be used to enter BTH.
  • The Competition: August 6th – 27th with new Beat the Heat problems being set each week. 
  • Finalists Announced: Top 10 finalists (5 male and 5 female) will be announced on Friday, August 28th 2020.
  • Finals: Finals will take place behind closed doors in the SRPI (Sportrock Performance Institute). Spectators can join our live Zoom during finals, starting at 5pm on August 29th, 2020. 
  • Setting Schedule: Setters will set new competition problems every Thursday for 3 consecutive weeks (August 6th,13th, 20th).
  • Scorecards: Will be available for pick up at the front desk where you check-in. Grab a scorecard, fill out accordingly during each session, and then return the scorecard back to the front desk before exiting. 
  • Scoring: Total point value will be calculated based on your top ten scores. If you flash the problem, you receive full point value. Every fall results in a 1 point deduction. 
  • BTH Apparel: Will be on sale for the duration of the 3 week competition while supplies last!
  • Raffles: Raffles will be ongoing throughout the 3 week competition. Connect with us via Instagram and Facebook and/or check out our community board in-gym (Alexandria location) for the winners each week!
  • Exhibition Finals Prizes (Men & Women): 1st: $150 cash, 2nd: $75 cash, 3rd: $50 cash, 4th: $40 SR gift card, 5th: $30 SR gift card


When you turn in your scorecard please select a category that you feel represents your skill level. If you have previously submitted a scorecard or you do not mark a category our staff will review your climbs and place you accordingly.

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