climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes

Sportrock Climbing Classes

climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes

Dear Sportrockers,

We want to begin by thanking all of you for the supportive emails, Instagram tags, comments, and DM’s that we’ve received over the past few weeks. Knowing that we’re part of such an amazing community is what keeps us going, and it’s truly hard to put our appreciation into words.

While our doors remained closed, we are offering a variety of ways stay connected and to accept the support of our wonderful community. We are offering presale classes to purchase. Your funds will help us keep the lights on during our COVID-19 Closure, and as soon as we re-open, you will be able to move your booking to a class of your choice.  If you wish to use this balance towards a more expensive class, your purchase will count as a credit towards that class.

In good health,
Your Sportrock Team

How it Works:
1) Sign up for the presale class of your choice
2) We will email you directly when we are able to confirm a re-opening date and post class dates/times
3) Pick a class, date, and time, and email us your top 2 choices
4) We will sign you up for the class of your choosing on a first-come first-served basis

climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes
climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes

Whether you are new to climbing or looking to rekindle an old relationship – look no further! Our experienced staff are here to guide you through classes that will focus on a variety of climbing skills.  The purpose of these climbing classes are not only to teach a range of skill sets that are crucial for any climber, but also to help acquaint you with Sportrock’s facilities. There are many ways to begin your climbing experience at Sportrock – just click on the class links below for a full description and feel free to contact us if you need help deciding which class is right for you!

All Beginner classes require pre-registration in order to secure your spot! The only exceptions are our Open Belay (limited reservations available) and Open Climb programs which are first come, first served.

climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes
climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes

Make booking classes easier with RGPro Connect! Forgot your keycard? Use the barcode on your phone instead. You can view calendars, classes, and manage your membership too!

climbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classesclimbing classes, Sportrock Climbing Classes
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update Effective Friday, 3/27/20: Sportrock Climbing Centers are CLOSED until further notice.Click for more Information