SRPI Events

Events at the Sportrock Performance Institute

Open Workshops

Intermediate Routesetting
Modeled for routesetters with commercial or university climbing wall backgrounds looking to expand their repertoire. This session will focus on practical skill sets to improve efficiency in mechanics, visualization, and communication. Accelerate your movement knowledge and refine fundamentals collaborating with a combined 50 years of setting experience.

Nov. 18th, 9am-5pm
$250.00 per person, up to 12 participants


Advanced Routesetting
Move and think, out of the box. Learn by instinct, anticipation, and seeing the other angle. Experienced commercial and competition setters wanting to push their craft will engage in a theme-focused workshop. A setting session with a triumvirate of the most accomplished competition setters in America, this workshop on SRPI’s fresh canvas is intended to spark ideas and cooperative development from comp experiences.

Nov. 19 9am-5pm & Nov. 20 9am-1pm, 1.5 day event
$450.00, up to 8 participants


Youth Workshops

Youth Routesetting
Students will team up with 3 National Chief Routesetters to set a round of championship-level competition. Whether you’ve never spun a wrench or have years of industry experience, our instructors will provide guidance and feedback on what it takes to set a diverse round of problems to separate a field of competitors. From creating dynamic World Cup style movements and forerunning, to in-depth analysis on problem design and purpose, students will walk away with a breadth of knowledge that will better prepare them for future competitions with a repertoire of new problem-solving skills.

Nov. 21st, 8am-12pm, up to 12 participants


Youth Training Camp
Students will run through a round of competition with 3 National Chief Routesetters as well Taylor Reed, Director of the SRPI, designed to test their skills and abilities. Afterward, Instructors will breakdown individual movements for students to focus on and master. Using supportive setting tools and creative out of the box drills the instructors will help students learn the body movements necessary to execute these high cognitive moves quicker and more efficiently for future rounds of competition.

Nov. 21st, 2pm-6pm, up to 16 participants

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