We are a rock climbing gym built by climbers, for climbers.

Did you know Sportrock is one of the founding rock climbing gyms in the country?


We are proud of the distinction and grateful to still be around almost 25 years after opening the FIRST commercial climbing gym in the DC metro area!



Want to learn more?  Click through the slideshow to see exactly what we’ve been up to since 1994!

The History of Sportrock Climbing Centers

Our heritage is based on authenticity and a passion for climbing.

Our founders met while training together at Zich’s (pronounced Zeke’s) Garage, a handmade climbing gym in Washington, DC.  The building was an unused auto garage and everyone pitched in to help maintain and set routes.  When the demand outgrew the space, the climbers founded the first Sportrock location in Rockville, MD so they would continue to have a place to climb and train together.

Sportrock has always been about following the craft, not the crowd.

We strive to be a teaching gym that delivers world-class routesetting, exceptional educational programs, and high quality fitness options to support climbers now…and for the future of the sport.  That commitment began in 1994 and continues today.  And it is the reason we offer:

  • the TALLEST walls in the Mid-Atlantic
  • the ONLY IFSC Regulation speed wall in the region
  • the ONLY multi-pitch training ledge in the country
  • a BRAND NEW 3,200 square foot fitness center
  • and the MOST HIGHLY CERTIFIED routesetting team in the industry!

And we do it all for community!

From the group of founders who were simply interested in having an indoor climbing gym they could use year round – to the incredible staff, extraordinary routesetters, remarkable members, and curious guests – our community is the reason we keep the lights on 360 days out of the year.


We love fostering and supporting our local community and are committed to making climbing accessible to everyone through inclusive and adaptive events.  We also donate our services to hundreds of schools and organizations each year.


Click here to learn more about our community involvement!

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Headlamp Climbing member event
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